23 February 2008

How to improve Microsoft Vista?

The latest word at the Urban Dictionary.

In answer to the question, the easiest way is to uninstall it and replace it with XP!

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Fish-2 said...

My daughter and granddaughter's computer has Vista on it. So far they've not had any problems with it but I've had to work at it to help them with the granddaughter's over-enthusiasm for add-ons like Yahoo taskbars, Google taskbars, My Space garbage, etc. It was running really slowly and when I went in to uninstall some of the junk there were nine or ten Yahoo programs all running. I spent a couple of hours getting rid of junk and set them up with icons to link to these programs, then went into msconfig startup and unchecked everything but the anti-virus program. Voila, it was running effeciently again. Vista seems to make all that I did much harder, harder to find, etc. I'll stick to XP, though I even resisted that until it was no longer possible to update 98.