16 February 2008

Fred and Barney may have used that first one

Crunching numbers even before the days of Commodore 64s or Z-100s. Check it out at Early Computing.


Fish-2 said...

The first job I had out of high school the office had a Frieden Calculator. It would add, subtract, multiply and divide. It was driven by an electric motor but all the workings were mechanical.
It seemed magic, and when they would set it to dividing it would chatter away in a cha-cha beat. It was fun to watch.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

It's pretty amazing the things we thought were state of the art are now relics of the Stone Age.

My latest "Golly, that's incredible!" was a few weeks back when getting new tires on the Pontiac at Sears. When the tech did the 4-wheel alignment it was still on the lift and he had these laser beam gadgets on the wheels that were shooting beams into a computer and he made any adjustments using the computer screen. It looked like a light show at a rock concert.