20 December 2007

Rats with hooves

Deer, that is. I have heard them called that before. Usually by suburban homeowners whose expensive landscaping shrubs and trees are considered appetizers by the local deer population.

Hey, they were there first.

But you might ask why a post about deer? It's because I had to take a jaunt up into the Buckeye state this afternoon and a lot of the trip would be on 2 lane state highways. Highways that curve and dip through some prime deer country. So while I wasn't gripping the wheel in fear, I was definitely keeping my eyes on the edge of the road. Especially as I headed back south as dusk was approaching.

But, have you heard the term "making lemonade out of lemons." Well, I heard a commercial on the radio while driving back that does just that - Check it out.

That's some good marketing.

I suppose the obverse of that would be this one - Flaming Fords.

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