24 December 2007

Here ya' go, Merry Christmas

And you can open it now, Windows Tips.

I had this bookmarked some time ago, lost it somehow, then forgot it existed, then stumbled onto it and have bookmarked it again. This time I'll also share it.


Ramblin' Ed said...

OMG! Where did you get that avatar?

A.G.T. said...

Well, it's gonna be a new year soon, so I thought why not a new haistyle.

Actually, it's one of Tampa's very own - Slim Whitman, who can yodel like you never imagined. Check him out on You Tube.

How I ran into him and why I decided I liked that picture I've no idea... seriously. Ol' Slim just has that hokey 50s country AND western star loook about him. He is actually a heck of singer.