19 December 2007

It was years before I learned the "h" was optional

Well, I don't have the condition and certainly hope I never do. But, I have noticed one older gentleman in church who does suffer from it - hand tremors.

Nice to know, I suppose, but I can't imagine him or anyone in these parts taking up T'ai chi or Reiki.

The more likely choice would be an herbal tincture from the root of the Valerian plant. It is found locally and throughout Appalachia.

Incidentally, herb is a French word and that's the way they and a lot of others pronounce it. The Brits added the hard "h" around the 18th century. That is how I always pronounced it - herb. I didn't know you pronounced it any other way until I strolled into an h"erbal" store in Denver some years back and had the hippy behind the counter correct me when I asked about some Herbs.

English, it can be a confusing language.


Ramblin' Ed said...

As my wife learns English I have had to institute the rule that "I don't answer why questions."

Why are some letters hard, others soft or completely silent. Why is the same word spelled 3 ways, why can one spelling have several meanings? Why...why...why??? Why, I do not know.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Goodness, I bet it is frustrating for her trying to learn this goofy language. Tell her don't feel bad as it stumps us yahoos every now and then, also. Why? I'll let you answer that. :-)