10 August 2007

Sorry, Dick Tracy, you can't call him that.

Dick Tracy? Yep, one of the villians Tracy was up against happened to be this guy.

But, the prune people would rather you didn't use that word anymore. They've gone uptown and assumed a new moniker - meet the dried plum.

Why do a name change? Well, the California Dried Plum Board did a survey and found that 90% of the consumers told the board that they’d be more likely to enjoy the fruit if it were called a dried plum instead of a prune. So with those kind of numbers it was an easy decision for the growers to do so.

But, here's a factoid that I didn't even think about. To effect the name change the board had to petition the US Food and Drug Administration to use "dried plums" as an alternative to the word "prunes". The FDA approved the name change in 2000. Thank you, Big Brother.

And as that leftist newscaster from long ago would say, "And that's the way it is."


Fish-2 said...

Do we need to get approval to change our name from "Hillbilly" to "Elevated Terrain William"?

A.G.T. said...

They would never do that, Fish. I don't know very many folks over here on the east side that can pronounce 4 syllable words like "elevated".