10 August 2007

Are we there, yet?

This might be a good idea - the economy class sleeper.

The longest flight I ever took was a non-stop from Los Angeles to Narita (Tokyo). The aircraft was a United 747SP and amazingly there were very few passengers on it. So it was reasonably comfortable and you could stretch out or roam the cabin. But still it was a loooong flight.


Ramblin' Ed said...

My Japan-USA flights (not vice versa) were always Narita to Regan National. I quickly learned the wisdom of using those frequent flyer miles to ugrade to Bidness Class.

a.g.t. said...

That flight must have took several lifetimes. Good Lord I'd hate to make that flight back in the steerage section. Smart move upgrading to Biz. Big Willy & I did that once coming out of Frankfort on a Pan Am 747 and they put us upstairs but it was kind of claustrophobic (sp?) up there, I thought. Roomy, but claustrophobic (sp?2)