14 August 2007

He's a fool-the-yahoos lying scumbag

Okay, tell it like it is. Don't hold anything back there, Polipundit.

I haven't really looked closely at any of the candidates for the Republican nomination. I know Rudy is leading and I could probably vote for him without holding my nose too much. I think it's still a bit early, but also I am glad there are people like Polipundit who are paying attention and raising some alarms on important issues like illegal immigration. I know that Rudy is a bit shakey on my most important amendment - the 2nd.

But, we'll see how it shakes out. I might start paying more attention next January or so. But now? Too early for me.


Fish-2 said...

Yeah, it's a bit early to get excited about elections that are well over a year away. I'd love it if Ron Paul got the Republican nomination, but that's about as unlikely as it gets. Right now my probably choice would be Fred Thompson. I wonder if Ted Nuggent is interested?

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Wow! The Motor City Madman - I didn't think of him, Fish. Good idea! :-)