30 January 2007

"A" for practicality, but a "D" for the Feng Shui

We've several garden areas here on the GunTrash estate. The flowers provide a lot of color and Mrs GunTrash really enjoys trading perennial seeds with the neighbors and trying out new varieties. Me, I enjoy the taste of a ripe tomato just picked from the vine. However, for all our love of gardening, we do lack one essential of the organized gardener - the compost pile.

Oh, we've got one, but it's a sad, untidy affair on the back corner of the side lot.

I've always had a thought to get it organized one day. To have some sort of composting operation using a set of bins to store, turn and "brew" the garden waste. To that end, I have found some good composting ideas while surfing and have bookmarked a few.

However, even though I am a frugal sort and one who values function over form and even though this is Eastern Kentucky in the Appalachian foothills and even though I gave up long ago trying to impress the neighbors, I think I'm going to pass on the shipping pallet compost system.

For one thing, while Mrs A.G.T. let's me do just about whatever I want to do, I think she'd put her foot down on that bit of yard art.

Too bad... it IS a good idea. :-)

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