12 June 2005


It appears that the post I did entitled "Ouch! That smarts" and the video link may not have been what I thought it was. Thanks to Barb for clarifying it. The blog where I found the original link is here in an 11 Jun 05 post titled "HEAVY Sniper Action!" The large amount of comments hadn't been made yet when I linked to it. But, you can make up your own mind as to what's in the video.

Regardless, that is definitely some bodacious shooting, whatever the targets are.


John said...


You made a great response to my Rush/William F. mention.

I'm on a trip using laptop so this will be short.

More tomorrow PM.




Barb said...

From the delay in sound, I'm assuming that the targets were a long ways away from the shooter. Some bodacious shooting, indeed ;-)