12 June 2005

Bienvenido inmigrante, sort of

If Highest Priority is true, then my response is, "It's about time!" However, I do not care for that guest worker bit. True, I don't think the administration has put out any details on a program, yet. But still, in some minds a guest worker program = blanket pardon program. That, I am against. Plus, my view is that if you have jobs that go unfilled, then you need to make the job more attractive by offering better wages, benefits, hours, or better whatever.

FWIW, the Germans have had a guest worker program for a number of years. True, it was necessary for Germany to import labor after the war and overall it's been a success for the German economy. Yet, it hasn't been all wine and roses, either.

But, let's face it, we or our ancestors were all immigrants at one time. So, if there's room for you, if you wish to contribute and assimilate into our culture, then welcome. However, come through the front door, don't be slipping in through the back.

I just stumbled onto this point of view after the initial post. It's an optimistic slant, but worth a scan and some consideration. Like any issue, the more we discuss this the better chance we have of getting our arms around it and coming to a logical, workable solution - we hope.

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