23 May 2005

Corner on wheat!

I receive The Langa List via email. It's produced by Fred Langa, who also writes a column for Information Week. One feature of TLL is They Loaded the Code. It's similar to offers from Blogs for Bush or Friends of Israel,i.e., put their icon on your blog or website and they add you to their blogroll or in Fred's instance, to his List.

Checking the list in the latest edition, I noticed a website that offered "free print-and-play board and card games". Hey, cool! I like games and sure enough the Game-it-Yourself site has instructions on making your own games, plus links to download free board games. Interesting website. Board games, lots of fun and an activity that brings smiles to our faces, eh?

Well, maybe not for the guy running that website. Check out that website address - angryuser256? Did he get passed the bear card too many times in Pit? Or, just as intriguing, what are the other 255 angryusers at hometown.aol p*ssed off about

Kind of scary.


Appalachian Gun Trash said...

delete this comment

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