24 May 2005

Harry and the seven dwarfs (spines, that is)

Well, well, well... looks like the seven RINOs have struck a deal with the Democrats to avoid a showdown on the judicial filibuster. No need to get into the details, lots of blogs are dissecting it.

I was mad, at first. But then thought, eh, so what, we're dealing with politicians. And at that level, politicians who do serious derriere kissing and major suck-up to voters and money men in order to get elected. And why do they behave in this demeaning manner? Because they want to move to AND work in Washington D.C.

I mean, good Lord, what does that tell you right there? Normal people do not want to live in Washington D.C. Nice place to visit, but live there? These are not normal people.

So, we shouldn't be surprised when they display amazingly stupid, irritating, and abnormal behavior. They are not normal!

Update 24 May 05

Erick, at Red State has about the best analysis, so far, of this deal.

Taking the spineless deal at face value coupled with the statements of DeWine and Graham, I think we have this situation:
1. The nuclear option has been delayed, not stopped.
2. When a Supreme Court nominee is filibustered, Graham and DeWine can say that the Dems who are filibustering have breached the agreement because they aren't filibustering in their own good conscience, but rather on order of Harry Reid.
3. Graham and DeWine can position themselves as heroes, break from the rest, and get 50 votes for the nuke option, letting Cheney cast the deciding vote.

Let's hope he's right, as I sure do not trust Robert C. Byrd.

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