22 May 2005

Blue State Logic: Illegal aliens equals stronger Social Security

I don't know what the political slant of the NY Daily News is. But, you have ask yourself if this piece wasn't done by a flack working for these folks. Strange enough, on its face, the article's logic stands. However, it immediately loses validity when we observe that we're talking about people who have broken our laws.

This is another example of the leftists and their press forgetting what they call for in the past. Let's just quote one of them, Ted Kennedy, in Senate floor speeches or press releases:

"It requires a record of clear dedication to the rule of law... " on 19 May 2005
"....our commitment to the rule of law" on 26 Apr 2005.
"...raised questions about our commitment to the rule of law" on 19 Jan 2005

Commitment to the rule of law? That is what these illegal aliens and their sponsors and apologists like Kennedy, McCain, Flack, and, let's be honest, George W. Bush are NOT committed to doing when they pander to the Hispanic vote.

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