26 April 2005

Santorum's bid to stop free weather forecasts

I don't get my local weather from television or radio. I get on the Internet and go to Weather Underground. Wunderground uses National Weather Service (NWS) information to give a detailed and pretty accurate local weather report based upon NWS data. It's a good weather site and you can't beat the price - it's free!

However, if Senator Santorum has his way, that might be a thing of the past with his introduction of S. 786. He wants to relegate the NWS to an organization that issues only severe weather alerts. Now, I'm all for free enterprise and capitalism. Private industry can do most jobs a lot better than any government entity... usually. One exception is the NWS, I think they do a good job and we taxpayers get pretty good bang for the tax buck. I think this is a bad bill that needs to die in committee.

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