30 April 2005

The fall of Baghdad - same ol' story

Remember Shock and Awe, the bombing campaign prior to the actual ground invasion of Iraq? Next was the rapid movement (aka corn-thru-a-goose) of American and Coalition troops into Iraq proper and then in what seemed hardly any time at all, into the heart of Baghdad itself? Pretty heady stuff, eh? Can we kick butt and take names or what!?


Well, guess what, Sun Tzu? It's old hat and merely history repeating itself - So says the Times of London. It's actually a pretty interesting article, which you will find right here. Really, not a bad read at all.

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The Appalachianist said...

Hmm...read the Article. My thoughts? Yes, we did use Maneuver Tactics based on Ghengas Khan and it was effecient at least on the surface.
Saddan Hussein had 12 years to prepare for a war that was argubally inevitable and he failed to. It was obvious that we would have to come through Kuwait, that the Saudi's would have no choice but to deny us use of their territory(weak Monarchy)and the Turks would be dubious. What he needed was time and if he had been able to slow our Mechanised Forces enough he could have bought time to play to the International Community.
He had all of the Manpower he could use to establish tank traps that would slow the Mechanised Force by making them dismount. The (old) Iraqi Army could not stand up to our firepower nor, match our mobility. They needed to avoid our firepower and deny us our mobility. They avoided our firepower by dismantleing, but, gave us mobility.
No, it wasn't anything revelutionary, but, people should be cautioned, we had a weak opponant.
Love the FN!