30 April 2005

Consumers Reports - They've got it covered.

I get the Consumers Report (CR) magazine and their annual Buying Guide. I used to subscribe to their on-line service also, but for some reason didn't renew. Not ones to take that lying down, they're filling my P.O. Box with offers to renew. Being wily merchandisers, those Consumer Reporters usually sweeten the offer with a free gift included.

This month's free gift was a 2005 pocket calendar, well actually the last eight months of the year. But, more interesting than what day my wife's birthday falls on (a Monday), is a list of CR websites on the back.

The online Consumer Reports website is first, naturally. Being polite folks, they introduce us to their parent organization, the Consumers Union.

Their next link lets you get your fix for prescribed drugs.

Although I'm not overly inclined to hug trees or save whales, they nevertheless show me how to read ecology friendly labels.

And who doesn't want to beat up their cell phone provider? CR will give you the skinny on how to do just that. But, hey! Let's don't stop there. What about that monopoly known as the cable company? And not just them, CR addresses a bunch of communications issues at their Hear Us Now spot on the web.

What, me worry? About identify theft? Eh, a little, even though I'm pretty cautious when on-line. But still, the CR bunch can ensure you don't become a John Doe with information at this website.

Do it for the children - there you go, our favorite buzz-phrase a few years back. I guess part of doing it would be keeping the little rascals healthy. Let CR tell you how to do that. After that read, be sure to check out how to keep them safe in the car.

By now, you've probably worked up an appetite. But before cruising to the drivethrough for a double bacon cheeseburger with extra cheese, you might want to see what CR has to say about those mad Canadian cows.

If, despite all the warnings, you do tangle with some irate Canuck bovine and need medical attention, let's hope you've boned up on just how hazardous the next stop can be to your health.


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