18 November 2008

There will always be an England

Whether anyone will want to live there is another matter and that's a shame.

England's a nice country. It's picturesque, lots of tradition, the best stout and pale ales anywhere and some really nice, decent people.  I've a lot of English roots in the family tree. Plus, I was stationed there for four years in the early '70s and really enjoyed that tour.  

In fact, my son was born in England and he's definitely proud of the dual citizenship.  So proud that the only tattoo he has is the Union Jack on his left deltoid.  Although he finds that he occasionally has to explain, "No, that's not a Confederate flag tattoo. It's a Union Jack!" which usually leaves them even more befuddled.

But, I digress.  My point being you have to wonder just how long they have left if they continue to pass idiotic legislation.

Moronic, absolutely moronic.

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