02 November 2008


Ever heard of Grain Belt? I sure have. About 1983 or so, during my Japanese pocket rocket phase (my 1150 was white/blue) while visiting friends  and touring the great state of Wisconsin I discovered Grain Belt.

I also discovered Leinenkugel's, Point, and Old Style during that 1 week leave.

But I haven't drank Barbarossa and Pebkac. Actually, I'd have never heard of either of those two if not for the 17 Vintage Beer Ads web page.


Fish-2 said...

I've drank most of those at one time or other, and Stroh's was my favorite for a few years, but like you there's some I'd never heard of. I didn't know Barbarossa was a beer, I thought that was a really bad Sci Fi movie Jane Fonda starred in.

By the way, Strohs spelled backwards is shorts.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yeah, Barbarossa is a strange name for a beer. I don't think I ever had the bad luck to see that particular flick and I'm going to keep avoiding it!