09 September 2008

NBC - Nutcase Broadcasting Company

Times do change. When I was growing up the evening news in our house was courtesy of these two professionals.

Today? If you've the stomach for it, you can get your "news" from these two "professionals".


Fish-2 said...

Good night David. Good night Chet. They were from the era of news reporters. Now everyone has to be a comentator giving you their opinion rather than the news. I finally stopped watching the evening news when I started keeping count. In a 35 minute news program I was averaging 7 minutes of news. The rest was sports, weather, and commercials.

A.G.T. said...

I know where you're coming from. We used to watch the local news at 6:00, but same thing you mention, the durned commercials absolutely turned us off. Thank goodness for the internet!