10 September 2008

Commonsense arrives in Florida, finally

My thought is what took y'all so long? We've been using that bit of commonsense for Kentucky voters for quite a few years now.

Inconvenience?  None worth mentioning

Faith in Kentucky's election process?  100%


Fish-2 said...

That's why Kentucky doesn't have a bunch of graveyard votes each election. The only thing Kentucky seems remiss in, is deleting names of people no longer eligible to vote in. If you move from one precinct to another you can vote twice, once in the new one and once in the previous one. They need to hook up with the post office and get changes of address notices.

A.G.T. said...

Darned, I didn't know that, Fish. I guess I'm gonna have to crank up my letter to the editor machine and see if we can't get that loophole closed.

Anonymous said...

Bet ACORN is really bummed.

ha. :)

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

What's really a bummer is that the ACORN crooks get federal dollars to register street bums 2 or 3 times not to mention the dead.