29 April 2008

What, me worry?

About the high price of gasoline? Why should I be? The Democrats told us 2 years ago they had a plan to address that issue.

Or, well, maybe not.

Gosh, you don't think she was shucking us rubes, do you?

Actually, I agree with this guy's assessment of the problem. Not totally, but I do agree with his call for more drilling in Alaska.

Higher oil prices or let's inconvenience some moose herds?

It's a real easy choice for me.


Fish-2 said...

The pictures I saw of the area in the ANWR where they would be drilling, looked pretty bleak and barren to me. The pictures of ANWR the anti-oil people use do not show the region where drilling would take place. I was shocked the environwackos would use an untruth to try to win their case.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Treehuggers would lie!? Wow, that is shocking news, Fish.