17 January 2008

You'll be asking yourself, "Is this trip necessary?"

On the surface this looks appealing - auto insurance by the mile.

It certainly appeals to me as I don't drive all that much since becoming an idle layabout.


Anonymous said...

I like it. I commute 30 miles each way, but never use my car otherwise. My wife drives 2 miles each way and a flea market run on the occasional Sunday. I could see our rates falling.

Of course, it'd suck to be in an accident and look down to see an odometer reading of 1000.1 on a thousand mile policy. You'd smack your forehead and realize you should have crased a block sooner.

Although, if you kept resetting your odometer, buying insurance would effectively be a one time deal. Lordy, Lordy... what possibilities exisit with this.

By the way, I keep signing on as Anon because I keep commenting from work. Ramblin' Ed

A.G.T. said...

Like I said, it's difficult to find any downside to it unless like you say, you go over your mileage at an inconvenient point in time.

I'm honored that you would take time out from your busy work schedule to comment on this blog, Ramblin' Ed.