16 January 2008

‘no habla ingles’ doesn't cut it in Allen County, Ohio

I like reading stuff like this - An Ohio sheriff has decided it's time to deal with the illegal alien problem in his county.

Let's hope he gives them a wave and a 'hasta luego!' as they're hauled off to be deported.


Layla said...

Thanks for your comments at my humble blog. I like stuff like this too when it comes to illegal immigration.

I have in the past reported ones I knew for sure were here illegally. Though I did the right thing it seems ICE did not care.

Bush said we are a nation of laws. Sure we are when you are in the minority of a select few that live in a bubble.

I am supposed to learn Spanish to enhance my job as an office manager of a doctors office.

I have been taking my sweet time - see my last name is hispanic - my hubby and I are were born and raised in Chicago - but I am not hispanic tho some morons assume I am because of the last name. But I am taking my time and hubby helps me. I will probably end up losing my job at the end of the day for not complying fast enough but the last time I checked this was still the UNITED STATES and our money was STILL PRINTED IN ENGLISH.

All illegals should be jailed and banned from ever coming back. Why would anyone support people that cannot even follow the most basic law of legal entry and believe they would abide by and live by all our other laws is beyond me.

Guess we are just to smart to be dumb.

Again thanksfor coming by and I intend to add you on the blogroll. Cool blog you have here and very well informed.

A.G.T. said...

Thank you and I enjoyed reading your blog, also.

Learn Spanish for your job? Crazy. Somehow it's gotten backwards, the recent arrivals should be learning English, not the other way around.