28 January 2008

I wasn't too surprised with the result

Don Surber has a good link that reveals who your choice for President really is. Or at least the one that aligns with your answers to the 10 questions.


Layla said...

Don is one of the best at what he does. Too bad I cannot say that for most of the msm.

WomanHonorThyself said...

good tip ..thanks and Keep up the good fight!!

Ramblin' Ed said...

Well, let's just say I was surprised at who I am most like. I voted in the primary today, but before I ran the tester.

For some reason, I was compelled to go to the polls, fill out an ABSENTEE BALLOT, and turn it in on the spot. Didn't make much sense, but this is Florida. We don't ask too many questions when it comes to voting.

Barb said...

Ed - That's funny, although a bit sad ;-)

I wasn't too surprised at the results, except that I don't place Huckabee in my second choice slot for reasons not captured in that selector. Pretty decent questions and evaluation, though. Romney 1st, Huckabee 2nd (not), Guiliani 3rd, and McCain fourth.

A.G.T. not signed in said...

You're right, Layla, Don is the exception to the rule. A conservative columnist, those two words rarely go together.

Thank ya', WHT and I certainly will keep at it no matter how misguided some of my Democratic in-laws think me! I keep trying to persuade them to leave the Darkside and come into the light of conservatism, but it is a difficult task and frustrating at times, especially when the Republican Congress starting behaving like Democrats the last few terms when they had the reins.

That kinda, sorta defeats the utility of the absentee ballot, doesn't it, Ed? But you made the effort and did your civic duty. You are to be commended for that! Seriously.

You know, Barb, we matched except for some reason I had McCain 3rd and Rudy 4th. Don't understand that because it's not gonna happen! It better be Mitt or Rudy or I'll sit on my hands come this November or worse yet, vote for HilBilly.