14 November 2007


I really don't care what the outcome is on this particular issue. Because like Heston, "From my cold, dead hands" is more than just a catchy phrase to me.

Like John 3:16 anchors my Christianity, that phrase from Heston's speech is my gun mantra.



Fish-2 said...

Well AGT, I hope it never comes down to "from my cold dead hands". But like you the defense of my person, family and property doesn't depend on 911, it depends on my posession and ability with deadly weapons. Even in a city where the police are generally just minutes away, an honest police chief will tell you by the time the cops arrive it's generally all over. If you're not prepared for your own defense, the headlines will refer to you as the victim.

I'm in my 56th year of responsible gun ownership and fully intend they pass to my kids.

A.g.T. said...

I hope it never comes to that either, Fish. But by God they'll have a firestorm from a lot of us if they try something they've done in other countries, e.g., "Turn it your guns".