15 November 2007

Krauthammer nailed it with that term

Bush Derangement Syndrome - BDS. Just read some of those comments.


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Ramblin' Ed said...

There we go. A spirited discussion. Seemed for the most part to be pretty civil.

I don't see the necessity for things such as a Hummer to commute from this suburb into that city, and as soon as you chrome it all up you have lost any pretense otherwise. But I do own a full size GMC. It comes to life when dirt, mulch, firewood, or dump trash need to be hauled. The rest of the time it lives in the back yard next to the shed.

Global warming? Not my biggest concern. I have a long commute. My Pontiac gets 29.6 mpg on the commute (or so says the onboard computer) and my truck gets about 1/3 that. That was a very simple economic decision for me.