09 October 2007

Good advice from the Gizmo

Gizmo Richard writes,

"It's a good practice to run any file you download (or borrow) through a free web based file testing service that will check it for malware using multiple anti-virus and spyware engines. Here are two of my favorites: Jotti [1] currently uses 20 different anti-virus scanners, while Virus Total [2] uses 32! Using one of these services can't guarantee that a file is 100% free of malware, but it's a lot safer than installing an unknown program on the blind faith that it's OK."

I have to admit that I've not done that in the past. But, it does make sense. Especially if the download is from a website you're not familiar with.

Plus, like I've always said, "You can't beat FREE!"


The Appalachianist said...

Darn if that ain't a good idea. It's a shame we can't use the web without the parasytes trying to bleed us.

Burt said...

Yeah, it's like the Sarge would tell 'em at rollcall on that TV show Hillstreet Blues, "Hey, let's be careful out there."
That sure does apply to the Internet, also!

(My blogger display name is Burt... darned if I understand that one!)