21 January 2007

14 digits? I forget my phone number at times

I've linked to this password checker in the past. Here's another one from Microsoft that I ran across this evening. I thought it interesting that they suggest a 14 character password for the strongest security.

A password with 14 characters in it!?!?

Yeah, right.

Actually, I do have some close to that. I use personal details / dates / facts combined with a special character to create strong passwords. It's important though to use the same set / system in several password situations so that repetitive use reinforces all of those characters in your memory.

Here are some examples of some of the types of passwords I use on websites that I definitely don't want anyone getting into.

Mfcwa_1953_DeSoto which means My first car was a _1953_DeSoto Simple enough to remember, right?

Or something along these lines:

Igua1245_S._Elm_St which means I grew up at 1245 _ South _ Elm_Street Another set of personal facts that SHOULD be easy to remember

I can't imagine any randomly generated 14 character password that would be easy to remember. But again, I find that if I use some personal fact the few braincells I have seem to recall it when needed.

And as always, your mileage may vary.

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