15 September 2005

Patience, me mateys. It'll be here soon.

We tend to leave the primary TV on during the day; usually tuned to the Weather Channel or Fox News and with the volume down. I like old movies, so when I take a coffee or iced tea break I'll head for the TV room and surf a bit to see if there's anything of interest on.

I did just that this afternoon and struck gold... one of my favorites... Treasure Island. The original version with Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper. It's one of those old flicks that I can watch over and over again and never get tired of. I like it that much.

One additional benefit of catching it on the tube today was that it jogged my memory. One of my favorite holidays is this month. So, a quick search of the Internet and sure enough, only 3 more days and we can all celebrate this holiday.

Arrrrr, matey... life can be so good. Arrrrrr!

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