14 September 2005

No thanks, I'll have the Hecho en Estados Unidos

For cruising down the road on the Low Rider, I generally wear Wrangler jeans with a bit too long 36" inseam. But, the "too long" quickly changes to a just right 34" long inseam when the feet go up on the highway pegs. There's probably some physics lesson there, but we won't get into that on this blog.

But, for work around the GunTrash estate, I'm usually in dungarees. Key brand to be exact and The Fort Western Wear has the best prices. I've worn Key dungarees for years. Good fit and they last a long time.

However, on my last order of Keys, I noticed that while they were still excellent quality and fit, they had one of those Hecho en Mexico labels inside. I checked some of my old Keys and they had Made in the USA labels. Hmmmm, NAFTA has struck again.

Well, it's time for some new dungarees and I've discovered that the only American made dungaree is from these folks. They're about $5 a pair more than the Key brand, but I went ahead and ordered 2 pair. We'll see here in about a week or so just how good they are.

I'll let y'all know!

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