22 August 2005

Maybe Gary Condit knows where she is

I was taking a short break from some yardwork today and switched on the TV to Fox News, DayTime with Linda Vester. Glanced up and at the bottom of the screen was "Natalie Holloway would have started college this week". I immediately switched the TV to Turner Classic Movies.

I don't mean to be cold and I really do feel for the Holloway family. I can't imagine the heartache and grief they must be experiencing not knowing what has become of their daughter.

But, enough is enough! I'm tired of it, Mr Television News Executive. Why do you report missing persons when only pretty young white girls disappear?

Why not some airtime dealing with these two missing folks or this pair or better yet, how about this list? I mean, that FBI page has some young white "babes" on it, a couple of blondes, even. Hmmm, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, eh sport?

Cable news, what an effing joke.

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