01 July 2005

Outrage de jour

You know what? Taken on its face, the statement by Brian Williams of MSNBC that the British Crown considered some of our early Presidents (Washington, Adams, Jefferson) revolutionaries and terrorists probably has some merit.

Here's the qualifier to that - From King George III's point of view, I can imagine that is correct.

However, Williams' foot in mouth moment (FIMM) came with he linked them to the the Iranian hostage perpetrators. As usual, the blogs have exploded in outrage. Here's the details at Michele Malkin's post, BRIAN WILLIAMS SAID WHAT?

So, this one qualifies as today's Outrage-de-Jour. I can't wait until tomorrow and we'll have some new FIMM to rage and rant about.

No, I take that back. The Ol' Sarge here is going aboard the USS LowRider* and heading west for the weekend into a no-bandwith zone and will miss the Outrage-de-FĂ©rie

*Note to T.E.: Yes, I know you schooled me in the ways of vessel naming, but it was lame sans USS.


Moe said...

I wouldn't mind puttin' my foot in Brian Williams' mouth. I think he oughta learn to appreciate the taste of boot leather over the caviar he likely gulps down.

And safe travels to you and the Missus, GT. I envy you, buddy. What I wouldn't give to have a fine bike right about now, and just set off and leave the woes and foes behind me for a bit.

Ramblin' Ed said...

We'll just say it was named after the little known yet still pivotal Battle of The Lowrider". We can do that, name it after a battle, because we named all of our recent cruisers after famous battles.

See, I can justify most anything.
T' E