17 June 2005

Maybe Al Gore can referee it

Don't you just love it when the tree-huggers go at each other's throats? This is great stuff.

Thousands of bald eagles... oh, the horror...

Thousands. Get real.


Ramblin' Ed said...

I doubt it is the "thousands" of birds they claim. I imagine it is a smaller number and serves to illustrate my theory that a set percentage of every species is foolhardy and expected by mother nature herself to be killed off. Apparently mama nature leaves it up to them to choose the method of their inevitable demise.

I have had a few songbirds smack headfirst into my window over the years. If I have had that happen, others have too. Multiply that by the sheer number of houses in our great nation and one would have to surmise that literally millions of these little suckers are dying annually. My question for you, I guess, is I going to be sued for having windows?"

I lie awake nights over this kind of stuff.


Appalachian Gun Trash said...

I've never had that happen, Ed. I asked several of my neighbors (Whispering John & Indian George) if they had ever experienced such an occurence and they also answered in the negative.

Hmmmm... Ed, have you ever seen the Hitchcock film, The Birds?