17 June 2005

I'll take Fred over the old gray lady, anytime

Here's the headline and now here's the lead-in paragraph of the article:

Increasingly pessimistic about Iraq and skeptical about President Bush's plan for Social Security, Americans are in a season of political discontent, giving Mr. Bush one of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency and even lower marks to Congress, according to the New York Times/CBS News Poll.

And this is Fox News contributor and Weekly Standard editor, Fred Barnes' opinion of the matter.

I think Fred is a pretty good political analyst, so I vote for his take on it, thank you.


The Red Queen said...

I guess I would be in that 27% who would vote for W a third time. God bless him for his boldness and stick-to-it-ness. I shudder to think what this glorious nation would have been like under the care of Gore or Kerry.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Oh my goodness, yes that is indeed a scary thought. Either one of those two jacklegs would have run to the UN and got that corrupt organization involved with lots of angst and talk, but no action.

This country dodged 2 bullets there.

I'm still irked that W signed that crap known as McCain-Feingold; I'm peeved that the government is still spending way too much money (that's more Congress' doings than W's, but still...); and he needs to get serious on tightening up the borders, the southern one especially.

BUT - I'm like you, RQ. I wouldn't have any problem voting for W again if he could run for a 3rd term.

Garza said...

I agree with you both. Maybe we should put effort into changing that law instead of worrying about Arnold?

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Overall, I'm a very optimistic person - the glass is half full, not half empty. But, I think even Mr Positive here would have to crank it up to a new level to think we could get Arnie qualified by 2008.

But think of the fun it would be sending the MSM and the leftist scum into hysterical fits. The gnashing of teeth, the wailing and whining, the moonbattery would be unprecedented.

But, then again, I can easily remember an American walking around on the moon was in science fiction books and not a matter of fact.

Hmmmmm, it'd take a lot of work, but...