16 June 2005

Fragging incident? - Revisited

Well, we had read that these deaths were likely something other than enemy fire. Looks like it was murder.

Original post - 11 Jun 05 / 0910L

This one is a little strange, as you don't hear much about fragging in the War on Terror. There's not a lot of news out on it that I've seen. And technically it doesn't appear a true "fragging" incident. But, according to the article, something unusual happened and it wasn't combat-related. Regardless, you feel for the families as their pain will be deep felt, no matter the cause of death.


Lawbot said...

You're right -- the lack of coverage has been interesting. A friend of mine who's been (well, to Afghanistan) and back told me it wasn't much of an issue because most of the guys (in Afg.) feel like their COs are just as fucked as they are.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yeah, this one was a little strange, as I thought the Big Media folks would have jumped all over it. They may still do so.

Lawyer, huh? I've lots of lawyer jokes and I skewer the profession fairly often. But, I gotta confess, the three times I've handed money over to an attorney, I was damned glad they were there and damned glad they were good at their profession, as well. :-)

(Civil actions each, in case anyone's curious.)