02 May 2005

Protecting the "boys" (and the ladies, also)

This is a first-class initiative by the Marines and DoD. The troops do have Kevlar upper body armor for the torso, but I don't believe there's ever been any real protection for keeping the "boys" safe. But it's not just that particular piece of anatomy these shorts protect. They also cover the Femoral artery, which we all have, regardless of gender. So our female troops benefit as well. An excellent idea.


The Appalachianist said...

When ever you buy gear from Black Hawk they have a warranty card you can send in on the stuff. They have a spot for what you would like to see them develop. I offered a Kevlar Cup to prtect the groin area. Looks like someone has done the next best thing.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Well, that'd definitely guard the "boys", but I guess they wanted something to also protect that major artery.

But you know who might use a Kevlar cup, instead? Baseball, soccer, hockey... seriously. If you used an aluminum cup in a sport, then why not one of Kevlar?

The Appalachianist said...

"THe next best thing", was not the best choice of words. True protecing the artery was a better way to go. I truly envision a Kevlar Cup as being a majot heat isssue. As these shorts are as well. What would be truly ideal is the material now under development using Nano Particle Technologie that is a flexible material that instantly hardens once an object hits it with force. Yet, it's still under development. Don't they kinda look like WWII German Paratroopers?
Keep you powder dry!