03 May 2005

Need some money? No problem - Get yourself a grant!

The issue of the Solomon Amendment is before the SCOTUS this week. Basically, the amendment prohibits Federal funding to schools that bar military recruiters on their campuses. It's a big deal for these schools as they get a lot of money from the Feds, particularly in the form of research grants.

When it comes to law, I don't know a de lege ferenda from an ipso facto. So, I chose to leave any comment on the legal nuances of the case to the knowledgeable. However, I was still curious just how much grant money the Feds pass out to the Banana Slugs, the Geoducks, and, of course, the Mules. [see footnote]

But strangely, as I Googled my way along the information highway, I found that it wasn't the amount of money that raised my eyebrows. Rather, it was the not-so-small industry that has sprung up out there. An industry that stands ready to help the Dummies, or you, Mr Educator (111 links!), and of course, the group the politicians always want to do it for, The Children. For the star-struck, one outfit has even got the Captain shilling for them and they can't even spell goverNment (check your navigation bar).

But, not to worry if you don't fit in one of those categories as you can always go to the original shill, who says there's nothing to it, anyone can get some fast cash from ol' Uncle.

Amazing, simply amazing. That's your tax dollars at work, folks, your tax dollars.

[Footnote] Yes, yes, I realize that we generally know and cheer for them as the White Mules. But the Colby College administration has chosen to drop that particular adjective from their website. I don't know why, but can imagine the PC police were starting to do some grumbling. Just a WAG.

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