06 May 2005

May is National ________ Month

I knew that May was National Bike Month. But, I didn't know that it was also National Electric Safety Month. Thank goodness my utility included that bit of info with this month's bill. But, rather than prompting me to unplug the 6-way tap I have in the shed outlet, it prompted me to search for more May is National ________ Awareness Month. A few of the results:

Hopefully, you're aware of and appreciate these folks each day of every month.

This one only lasts a week, but the ladies need to be aware of it.

I'm definitely no tree-hugger, I'm a capitalist. But still, I don't like development or urban sprawl that eliminates these areas any more than a hardcore whale-saver.

That phrase, "Do it for the children" grates my nerves when uttered by politicians (either party), but there really are some kids out there that we need to help as much as possible.

There's lots more of these for the month of May. But, I'll close with one more week-long awareness thing. This occupation gets a bad rap at times, some of it deserved, but for the large majority, not deserved at all. One last day left to appreciate this group.


moehawk said...

welcome aboard the American Flag League, matey!

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Thank you, 'hawk. Glad to join such a fine crew. Bear with me though as I work on my pirate voice...

aaaargh aaaargh

Ramblin' Ed said...

Love the post. I like interactive stuff. Interactive calms my hyperactive. Hyperactivity. It calms my hyperactivity. Sorry, English is a difficult language to master.

Was planning on asking you in an e-mail if you minded me adding a link to your site on humble web log. Imagine my delight (wheeeee!) when I saw that you had already linked to me. That means 3 things:
1. I take that as tacit approval to link to you
2. I take it that you found it remotely entertaining, and
3. Soon the bucks will be rolling in from all the new folks you've directed my way.

Keep it up.
Travelin' Ed

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

1. Yes sir, linkage approved.
2. Yes, I enjoy visiting your blog.
3. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret, Ed. See all those numbers at the bottom in the Visitors Box? Most of 'em are me, repeatedly hitting the reload button after I post something new to see how long it takes me to get listed on the update to the Blogs for Bush blogroll.

I'm so ashamed... :-(