05 May 2005

Aviation nostalgia

We're about 2 blocks off the flight path for our small, local airport. Traffic is general aviation, primarily single engine stuff with an occasional corporate jet or turboprop zipping in. So, we're used to the sound of aircraft and pay it little heed.

However, while out in the backyard today, I heard a different kind of sound. One that brought a flashback to Udorn and Ben Hoa in the 60s - radial engines and variable pitch props. You don't hear that combination much anymore. But, sure enough, there they were, almost directly overhead. T-28s, maybe? Eh, maybe not...

Whatever, they came on in line, past the hammerhead, just over the runway, then peeled off and came around for final. Closer in now I could see that the canopy was flat, not curved like a T-28. They were AT-6 Texans, six of them. I finally quit gawking long enough to dash into the house, grab the digital and get back outside in time for a picture of Tailend Charlie.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

60 years plus of aviation history landing right here in our little burg. Cool.

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