29 April 2005

Movie break - no problem solving today, thank you.

I got hooked on old movies with the advent of cable TV. Before cable, there were only 3 channels and they didn't do a lot of old movies. Plus, they went off the air at midnite and didn't come back on until the next morning at 6:00. That's a true story, boys and girls, just ask Granny or Granpaw.

However, cable TV, with its 24/7 broadcast schedule, found it needed something to fill all of that air time, so a lot of old 30s and 40s movies were dusted off and brought to the small screen. That's where I discovered folks like Bonita Granville, who starred in and defined the role in a number of Nancy Drew movies; Nigel Bruce, the best Dr. Watson ever; and John Howard, whom I only recently discovered in the Bulldog Drummond series. These three and a lot of others weren't the big stars of Hollywood, but they were good actors and ones I've enjoyed discovering and watching.

And with the advent of the DVD and the gift of a DVD player last Christmas, I'm starting to build a small collection of old flicks. I started with this find at Wal-Mart in their $5 bin and have just begun watching a set of mysteries that I got from these folks. Fifty mysteries delivered to my door for $32 - Incredible!

So, excuse the French, but piss on filibusters, privatizing Social Security, Harry Reid, et al. Personally, I think it's time for a bowl of popcorn and some sheer escapism with Basil and Nigel putting a ton of whoop-ass on some Nazi scum.

Ciao for now!

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