27 April 2005

The FEC answers the mail

Well, what do you know? My very thoughtful, polite comment to the FEC regarding their proposed rules to regulate political speech on the Internet has been answered. They write:

Thank you for your e-mail communication regarding the Commission's Draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Internet Communications ("NPRM"). Unfortunately, your communication cannot be considered in this proceeding because it did not satisfy the Commission's procedural requirements for a properly filed comment.

We invite you to resubmit your comment according to the instructions contained in the "Addresses" section of the NPRM, a copy of which is attached.

The attachment is a 13 page copy of the Federal Register from April 4, 2005. I've done a cursory read of it, and it looks like they'll take email comments if they are addressed correctly as outlined in the Address section of the documents. Effing paper-pushing bureaucrats...

Of course, if S. 678 and its companion in the House, H. 1606 are passed, it's all a moot point. So get those emails and letters to your Congresscritters, folks and tell 'em to get on board and pass legislation to exempt the Internet from the McCain-Feingold assault on the 1st Amendment.

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