15 April 2005

April 15th

Did you mail in your tax forms and check today? I did. Taxes, I doubt many of us really care for them, but if you're going to defend the shores and build some infrastructure, the government needs some revenue AND one form of revenue is to tax citizens' income.

To make it easier for us to comply, the government has defined how it will collect this tax in the Internal Revenue Code. You knew that, right? But did you know that according to the ABA, the code, if printed 60 lines to the page, would fill over 2300 letter-size pages. It contains 6,752,000 words!

Consider that for a moment. TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED pages long, containing SIX MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND words. Think about it - the loons that we elect every two to six years have designed a tax system that requires over 2,300 pages of paper to define. Incredible... simply incredible.

But, do you want do something about it, other than whine, gripe, or moan? Then go here and take some action. Thanks to My Little Corner for the link.

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