13 March 2005

Does the world need one more blog?

Yes, I think we do. I only discovered blogs last Fall and found that I enjoyed reading them. I primarily read those that match my political views - hardcore conservative with a slight libertarian slant. If that sounds suspiciously like a Republican, then so be it. But, I have voted for a blue-dog Democrat in the past, twice if I recall correctly.

But, back to why another blog. I read that the POS legislation known as McCain-Feingold might be applied to blogs. No way! So I figured I'll just add my one little voice to the 7 million other blogs out there. I figure there just might be strength in numbers and maybe those numbers will keep McCain-Feingold out of the blog world.

That's why I've got a blog.


Tom said...

That sounds like reason enough to add your blog to my blogroll.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Thank you, Tom, I've done likewise. Looks like you got a good blog there.