24 March 2017

20 March 2017

24 September 2015

Words that shouldn't be on the same page together

The words? "Democratic Party" and "moral authority" as written in this National Journal piece.

Wikipedia gives us the following, "Moral authority is authority premised on principles, or fundamental truths, which are independent of written, or positive, laws. As such, moral authority necessitates the existence of and adherence to truth."

The key bit there are the last three words, "...adherence to truth." Truth and a Democrat politician are like oil and water. They just don't mix together, at all. It's makes you think of that old joke, "Question: How do you know when a Democrat is lying?  Answer: His lips are moving." Or, in this case, it's "her" lips.

29 January 2013

Just do it!

Ruger makes it easy for you to let your Congresscritter know how you feel about guns. Just follow this link.

02 March 2010

DIY Boatbuilding

I had my annual doctor visit today and all is well. Also, I learned that do-it-yourself boatbuilding is popular courtesy of a gentleman I was talking to in the waiting room.

He referred me to this company which he says was the best. I have to confess that while I like woodworking I never considered building my own boat. Picnic tables, fences, dog houses, and a two-story garage are more my DIY style. Still, after looking the website over I can see that if you were into boating AND woodworking that it might be interesting to build your own.

Then again I think of that old joke about the two happiest days in a boatowner's life - that first day with the boat in the water and then the day he sells it. :-)

15 September 2009

A plethora of apple goodness links

We've always known apples are good for us. Now there's even more evidence of just how they promote good health.

12 September 2009

A plethora of DIY cooking stoves

I have no desire to backpack but all of these DIY homemade stoves are interesting. I suppose you could make one in the event the power went out.

10 September 2009

A plethora of sawhorses

I've 3 different sets of sawhorses plus 2 sets of metal fold-up horses. I guess I have different styles as I've never found the "perfect" pair.

If I decide to build another set I think I'll build these stackable horses There are many other sawhorse plans out there so if I don't like that style, I can always find another to try.

In fact, toolcrib makes it easy by offering 38 different sawhorse plans.

07 September 2009

26 July 2009

They believe

Galileo, Kelvin, Faraday, Planck are a few on the list of scientists who also believed there is indeed a God.

I'm no bible-thumper but put simply, I believe.

22 July 2009

No, Amanda, that just shows your limited thinking

This comment was made at a CNN web page concerning the amendment to allow people to carry concealed weapons across state lines.

Amanda July 21st, 2009 6:18 pm ET

I don't carry a weapon and would never carry one. What is wrong with all these machos who think they cannot leave the house without it ? Guns kill.

No, Amanda, guns do not kill. I've kept a Colt revolver in the nightstand drawer for almost 20 years and it hasn't killed one person, as far as I know. I take it out of that drawer once a year; take it to the range; put about 24 shots through it to confirm it's still functional (it's going on 50 yrs old, soon); clean it; oil it; and then it goes back into the drawer.

People kill, Amanda. Yes, they use guns but also they use shovels, knives, poison, automobiles, blunt instruments, you-name-it.

You get the picture now, don't you, Amanda? Guns do NOT kill, Amanda, people kill.

Your comment, "Guns kill." shows your limited thinking on the issue, if not your ignorance.

10 July 2009

Awesome site, but no Albie SKS?

Here's a great website if you need a manual for your SKS or other firearm.
But, I noticed they don't have one for the Albanian SKS. It's one of the rarer versions and I considered myself pretty lucky to have nabbed one. But, then again, while pleased with myself, I really don't think I'd want fifty Albanian SKS's.

01 July 2009


Windows keyboard shortcuts, some I know and use but a lot I didn't have a clue about.  Here's 23 Lesser known but Incredibly useful Windows Shortcuts.  Or at least that's what the guy who wrote it thinks.

20 June 2009

I don't think so. Not for me, anyways

Two surprises for me with this one. The first, that folks actually ride their bicycles without any clothes on and that there's an organized event based on it.

The second?

That it actually gets warm enough in Montpelier, Vermont to do so. I thought Vermont was like Canada South or something similar.

Hey, I'm of a libertarian bent, so do what you want as long as it doesn't adversely affect me. However, I have to say that there's some folks pictured there that really shouldn't go naked in public or maybe even in private. It's not pretty.

12 May 2009

I didn't know that

One of my son-in-laws is an engineer in this Air Force program - the Small Diameter Bomb. I didn't know that.

02 April 2009

Very useful, if you use Firefox

Which I do as I think it's a faster, more tuneable browser than Internet Explorer.   I also use some of these 50 Best Firefox extensions.

Worth a look if you use Firefox.

05 March 2009

What a ride

These type of C-130s were assigned to the 67th Air Rescue & Recovery Squadron at RAF Woodbridge. I never gave them much thought when I drove by their parking area when stationed at Woodbridge in the early 70s.

The official story was that they supported the space mission and were also used to retrieve weather balloons. Unofficial talk was they had been used to lift Special Forces folks out of the jungle in southeast Asia.

Whichever story was true satisfied any curiosity I might have had. It wasn't until some years later that I read about their real mission. I imagine that was some ride for the guy in the harness.

04 March 2009

Halt, thief!

I hope no one who might read this would ever need this information. But, just in case some scum-sucking lowlife does manage to steal your identity, one of your first stops should be the Federal Trade Commission's page on Identity Theft Victim's Statement of Rights.

If for nothing else it seems to have good info on how to alert your creditors and lessen the financial pain.

11 February 2009

Here's where to stash all of those youtube videos

Here's some information on where to put some of the youtube videos and digital pictures that are filling up your hard drive.

How To Get 124 GB in Free Online Storage

I use Microsoft's Live Skydrive as a backup for the ton of digital pics of census data that I've collected over the years in my genealogical research. Also, Microsoft has recently upped the storage available to 25 GB per account. That's a bunch.

06 February 2009

For the paranoia in you

I'm not sure a tin-foil hat will work but here's 50 Free Internet Tools for staying secure out there on the info highway.

05 February 2009

Don't waste your time

I occasionally post about freeware that's worth your while. But on the flipside there is some bad stuff out there. Luckily, the folks at Download identify some of the worst downloads of 2008

19 January 2009

This is confusing

If I told you I was going to buy some Winter Bananas you'd likely think I was speaking of the long tropical fruit with a yellow skin that you peel before eating.

That would be wrong. It's actually an apple. The Hoosiers christened it thus in Cass County, Indiana in 1876.

I like apples and it's a rare day that I don't eat at least a half of one. But I pass on the ubiquitous Red Delicious as I agree with the opinion that it no longer is.  My wife and I prefer the Gala, Braeburn, Cameo or Pacific Rose varieties. They cost a bit more but there's a world of difference in taste.