22 July 2009

No, Amanda, that just shows your limited thinking

This comment was made at a CNN web page concerning the amendment to allow people to carry concealed weapons across state lines.

Amanda July 21st, 2009 6:18 pm ET

I don't carry a weapon and would never carry one. What is wrong with all these machos who think they cannot leave the house without it ? Guns kill.

No, Amanda, guns do not kill. I've kept a Colt revolver in the nightstand drawer for almost 20 years and it hasn't killed one person, as far as I know. I take it out of that drawer once a year; take it to the range; put about 24 shots through it to confirm it's still functional (it's going on 50 yrs old, soon); clean it; oil it; and then it goes back into the drawer.

People kill, Amanda. Yes, they use guns but also they use shovels, knives, poison, automobiles, blunt instruments, you-name-it.

You get the picture now, don't you, Amanda? Guns do NOT kill, Amanda, people kill.

Your comment, "Guns kill." shows your limited thinking on the issue, if not your ignorance.


Fish-2 said...

It's a tool for mankind, just like any other tool. To believe guns kill is to believe hammers build houses, or back seats cause babies.

shimauma said...

I'm so glad we have libtards like Amada to teach us right from wrong..../sarc off