27 November 2008

Make it D3 not D2

Some of you may have missed this bit of good news as the MSM didn't seem to report on it all that much.

Why not?

Well, some say because it's NOT in the best interest of the American Cancer Society.

You be the judge.


Fish-2 said...

Well, let's see now. If you look at this logically you can see that finding (or releasing if already found) a cancer cure, would end a real financial windfall for a whole bunch of executives. It would seem to me that "appearing" to look for a cure would be far more beneficial to them than actually finding one.

A.G.T. said...

Exactly, if it's cured, where's the money to fund all those high paid positions going to come from.
That's why I don't donate to Red Cross but do donate to Salvation Army occasionally and on a somewhat regular basis to this agency. Who knows, I might need their help one day?! :-)

Fish-2 said...

Yeah, I'm all for the Salvation Army. Just looking up where their money goes tells the story. Not much for administration like most charities. Never heard of the Kentucky agency, but I'll look into that a bit more.