03 October 2008

I guess they never heard of Nicorette gum

They did the right thing in making the decision to quit smoking. But the cure sure does leave a lot to be desired.


The Appalachianist said...

Where is the gunner?

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

I've been around, Dan. Just not online as much as usual and then I come by here and use the links to do a boortz/limbaugh/surber read plus some email and that's about it. Just busy, busy for some reason.

Private GunTrash is in the field this week at Ft Lee, I guess they're learning to cook under field conditions. I checked weather this evening for Richmond and it's drizzle and cooling off. That sounds like fun. :-) He's still glad he joined the ARNG, loves it so far. That's good cause I told him if you're gonna be a soldier then be a good one, not a half-a**ed one.

I'll try to blog/visit more so folks won't think I'm MIA or worse.