21 September 2008

The numbers tell the story

You are less likely of being a firearm casualty in Iraq than in the nation's capital.

Amazing and even more amazing is the fact that the anti-gun fools still continue to think disarming the citizen is the best way to prevent violence.


Fish-2 said...

Did you ever read Lott's book, "More guns, less crime"? One of the dullest books I ever read because it's mostly statistics. However, every way he crunched the statistics they bear out the title of the book.

a.g.t. said...

Once again, common sense tells you that it makes sense. Where's the most gun crime? Chicago and DC, 2 of the most anti-gun metros in the US.

Again, it just "feels" right to ban that awful old gun. It makes no sense, but it "feels" like you're really doing something to stop gun crime.

Oh, didn't answer first question. No, I haven't read it, but have read excerpts (sp?) on the net.

Fish-2 said...

Simple logic seems to escape the gun grabbers. Such things a "guns don't commit crime, criminals do". Making laws to try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals is about as successful as all the laws we have against illegal drugs. If they could magically remove every firearm and bullet from the U.S. today, the criminals would have guns and ammunition tomorrow. And, we honest citizens would again be at a disadvantage.