13 June 2008

You're either rich or a moron to vote Democrat

Here's one you might share with anyone you know who is too stupid (or rich) to not realize it is the Democrats in Congress that are making us pay $4 for a gallon of gasoline and not Big, Bad Oil as the Dems would have us believe.

Exhibit A from Daniel Henninger. Here's some more Democrat idiocy with Exhibit B.

Another from the WSJ with Exhibit C.

Here's Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston's take on just how much land is involved in drilling in ANWR with Exhibit D.

Also, Investor's Business Daily remembers this solemn Democrat promise. It was in November of 2006, House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi issued a press release touting the Democrats' "common-sense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices."

We're still waiting, Nancy. The last bit of evidence on the duplicity, callousness, and stab-in-the-back energy policy of the Democrats is Exhibit E

For those that like pictures, here it is in 3 frames. Just click on it for a larger view.

So, the evidence is in. Just who is guilty of inflating gasoline prices?

The Democrats in Congress are GUILTY! And again, anyone who votes for these people is either rich or STUPID!

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